Our Colchester

Business Communications:

Our Street Ambassadors communicate with different BID businesses on a day-to-day basis. They share regular updates from the BID on upcoming projects or campaigns, pass on any issues or concerns to the operational team or sometimes just pop into our businesses and say hello.




"It's always a pleasure to see the Street Ambassadors. Extremely helpful in any situation."
- Owner, Attitude Inc.

Street Issue Reporting:

Street issues range from graffiti, paving, litter, begging and many more. If these are spotted around the town centre they are quickly reported through the BID's database system. This allows any unresolved issues to be monitored accordingly. Any reported issues are instantly sent to the correct authorities such as Colchester or Essex Council, OutReach Patrol and the Police.

Friend of the BID

Our Friend of the BID scheme offers the opportunity for non-BID businesses to become involved and help shape the future of Colchester town centre. Our Friend of the BID leaflet offers more information on how the BID can help your businesses in many areas such as place management and marketing.

'Since the Street Ambassadors have been patrolling the town, I and my staff feel a lot safer and cared about. We love how hands-on they are and the fact they always come in and check we are ok. We are an independent store and we didn't feel included before but thanks to the Street Ambassadors we feel a lot more included and that we matter. From the Just Essentials team, we would like to say a huge thank you.'
- Just Essentials team

Reporting over the radio

As a BID we are part of ColBAC, a radio link system for the town centre. By being part of this, our Street Ambassadors can regularly inform CCTV, PCSOs and Street Wardens of any issues occurring in the town centre seen by themselves or businesses.

Communicating with the public

Our Street Ambassadors feel it is important to regularly communicate with members of the public as well as visit businesses to build strong relationships and become a key line of communication for the BID.
The Street Ambassadors assist with directions, information about the town and the BID, help to look for a particular business or just for a conversation about the BID.



"I would like to give my compliments to Elche and Ethan following there assistance with a female member of the public who was drunk on Osbourne Street. They handled the situation brilliantly."
- Manager, The Gym Group.

Litter picking

As a BID, the look, feel and appearance of the Colchester town centre is an important and key focus of ours. The Street Ambassadors regularly assist with this and always collect litter they come across whilst on patrol. The BID has recently invested in litter pickers for the Street Ambassadors making regular rubbish collections a part of their weekly routine.