Our Colchester

Operations Team

Sam Good- BID Manager
Sophia Beckford - Projects and Admin Coordinator
Selina Cresswell- Marketing and Admin Executive

Our emails

BID Manager: sam@ourcolchester.co.uk  -  Projects: projects@ourcolchester.co.uk  -  Marketing: selina@ourcolchester.co.uk

Street Ambassadors

Our Colchester Street Ambassadors have become the eyes and ears of the town centre. They are now a key communications channels between our BID businesses and the BID team, understanding their thoughts and needs while offering important information from the BID and upcoming projects. Ethan, Elche and Jarred's day to day roles are constantly changing but include working alongside Colchester Borough Council Rangers and other relevant groups, becoming a reporting base for street issues around the town, daily litter picks of the BID zone and general communication with consumers. Please contact us on ambassador@ourcolchester.co.uk.

Board of Directors

Michelle Reynolds- Inprint

Andy Starr- Chair of Colchester Pub Watch

Simon Blaxill- Kent Blaxill

Alice Charrington- Tymperleys

Suki Dulai- Flying Trade Group

Chris Morgan- Metro Bank

Tim Field- Birkett Long

David Robertson- Culver Square Shopping Centre

Colchester Borough Council representatives

BID Advisory Group

Simon Taylor- Grey Friars Book Shop

Martin Averre- Ace Comics

Sally Shaw- Firstsite

Nick Jackson- Atik Night Club

Paul DeAngelis- Silk Road Night Club

Steve Wood- Open Road

Steve Wickers- First Group

Nancy Foster- Fenwicks

Glen Shuttleworth- Go East Anglia

Osman Rasih- Silk Road Night Club

James Hambleton- The Original Art Shop

Graham Fraser- Annabelles

Bill's Resturant

Colchester Borough Council representatives