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The reason why we must report retail crime and abuse of retail staff

Successful support and intervention from Our Colchester BID.

A message from Vincent Geaves, Business Crime Liaison Officer (BCLO) 

Nationally there is a significant rise in retail crime accompanied by verbal and physical abuse to retail staff. Many retail staff have come to a conclusion that nothing will happen and just accept it as part of the job.
I would encourage anyone to report this to the police or myself. 

Staff at a venue in the High Street where being subjected to daily abuse and threats from a prolific shoplifter. Reporting to the police became a daily occurrence and the police response was seen  as frustrating to the staff. The introduction of the COLBAC Radio system started to change the safety of the staff. Training provided by BID BCLO gave understanding of the best way to report, gather information/evidence while remaining safe.

But still the venue and its staff were losing patience. With the help from BCLO and the BID Ambassadors work started on building an investigation that would help the police with their own enquiries.The outcome was that the police confirmed the identification of the male, and he became a WANTED suspect. Being so brazen, using threatening language he thought he wouldn't get caught. He was wrong. The venue was ready, BCLO set, CCTV monitoring and Essex Police on Standby.

After some excellent communication by all involved he was apprehended and arrested. 

If you're thinking 'it's just a shoplifter' then change the focus. By doing some simple investigative work we can all make a difference. It will disrupt those who believe they can continue to affect your venue/business. All this in the space of a few days of being involved with the BID. This suspect will now be questioned and further enquiries into other offences around the city centre. I'm sure we will hear from the police of the outcome. This suspect now knows that staff have taken back control of the venue. That's a big disruptive message for all future would-be criminals.

Prevention and Disruption. If you need assistance with matters relating to Business Crime or Anti Social Behaviour. Then please get in touch.