Our Colchester

The City Workers’ Hub is a phrase to identify and brand a portfolio of initiatives that support the workforce in the city centre. It provides a named entity bringing together initiatives, support and programmes under one brand. This will help to effectively communicate the complex range of support on offer in a clear and focussed way to BID levy payers, the majority of which are small and micro businesses.

It can be promoted as a clear entity and idea to new entrants to the job market in Colchester. Together with existing employees in the city, these individuals create an identifiable market that presents an income opportunity for the same businesses that will benefit from the support to recruit and retain staff that this concept will provide.

The three stands of activity are:

The vision of the City Workers Hub is to:

  1. Remove barriers to recruitment and working centrally
  2. Remove barriers to training and upskilling and encourage higher investment in skills by business
  3. To value and celebrate City Centre workers through recognitions and rewards for staff & employers in the City Centre

So as an employee of a BID levy payers in the City Centre, what benefits are available to you?

  • PeopleSafe – Free access for employees to the industry leading technology-led employee safety app. Fully funded by the BID, the Peoplesafe SOS App provides employees with reassurance that help is available at a push of a button if they feel vulnerable or unsafe. Unlike other panic alarms and safe walk apps, the Peoplesafe SOS App is supported by Peoplesafe’s 24/7 Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), offering unrivalled employee protection when it’s needed the most. Whether they are commuting at unsociable hours or have to walk in the dark to a car park, the Peoplesafe SOS App is the perfect companion. If you would like your free access, simply email businesscrime@ourcolchester.co.uk and we will help set you up. For more information, here is the what the app can do.
  • Arriva Travel Club – Great value bus travel in your leisure time and for your commute available to all levy players employee’s. The travel club is open to everybody working at Our Colchester and for those who work for One Colchester Levy Payers. The Travel Club lets you pay less for your travel by monthly direct debit. Your ticket doesn’t just provide you with reduced bus travel costs to-and-from work, you’ll get unlimited travel on any Arriva bus in your selected travel zone each month, so you can get out and about on your days off too, all for no additional cost. For more information, click here
  • Unique invitations to join BID sub-groups – As a business-led organisation, the  BID is passionate about having our employees and employers front and centre to input into our projects and raise concerns or ideas into local government. The BID will soon launch a variety of groups such as the Youth Board, Skills Group & Property Owner & Landlord Group with more planned following this.
  • BIG Eat Out Vouchers – Free lunch anyone? Every year the BID runs the BIG Eat Out month which gives a £5 vouchers to hundreds of City Centre employee’s to use at a wide array of food and drink establishments. The objectives of this campaign is to encourage workers to try new and different eateries for their lunch. The results have been fantastic over the last couple of years since its launch with workers enjoying new cuisines alongside socialising more with colleagues at lunchtime. Make sure you are registered for the BIDs newsletters to receive the link to register for your free voucher.
  • Resource Portal – Free access for all levy payer employees to our bespoke resource portal. With regular updates including a calendar of training available, legislation change briefings, national sector-based news, localised news and updates and much more.
  • Free Training and Upskilling – As an employee, you can gain access to high quality, free training to continue your development and continuously develop your skills. Recent training programmes have included First Aid, Vulnerability Training, Child Sexual & Criminal Exploitation and Ask for Angela.
  • Business Socials – Every quarter the BID runs our BID Business Social events to bring together the City Centre community. Each social event has a core purpose, be that to inform, educate or show exciting things happening in the City Centre but to also allow the business community to engage with one another. Each social event also has a completely unique offer included with previous events including backstage tour of the Mercury Theatre, tour of Other Monkey Brewery and an in-depth tour of the City Centre’s Towns Deal & Levelling Up projects. Keep an eye on the BIDs regular updates for future events.