Our Colchester

Our Colchester BID Lighting the Lanes

An exciting new project is coming to the independent streets in Colchester. 377m of festoon lighting will be installed along Sir Isaacs Walk, Eld Lane, and Short Wyre Street. The lighting comes as a result of a survey commissioned by Our Colchester Business Improvement District (BID) in 2020 that looked at street dressing and how to highlight the strength of the independent businesses in Colchester. The festoon lighting will highlight Eld Lane, Sir Isaacs Walk and Short Wyre Street as shopping destinations and provide additional lighting during darker periods.

Sir Isaacs Walk to Short Wyre Street has the potential to act as a primary walking route from east to west and particularly from Crouch Street to key attractions of Colchester like Firstsite and Curzon. Installing this lighting will help make this a more appealing route for visitors to travel through the town.

Lighting will be installed along Eld Lane, Sir Isaacs Walk and Short Wyre Street to bring an additional feeling of safety and comfort to the streets during darker periods. The festoon style has been chosen to match the individual character of the streets and highlight this area as a great destination within the town centre. The lighting will help demonstrate this in a visual way and encourage footfall into the area.

The festoon lighting will be joined later this year with a wayfinding archway in Short Wyre Street at the Queen Street entrance.

BID Manager Sam Good said “We’re excited to begin installing the festoon lighting along a selection of our great independent streets in the town centre. It’ll bring an additional sense of safety along these streets in the darker periods and hopefully help promote safety and encourage visitors to the night-time economy to explore the town further.

We’re excited for the lighting to create a visual destination within the town centre and believe this will help to promote Colchester as a great town to visit, shop and explore.”