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1. Will there be the potential to provide the 'minimum width of unobstructed highway' that needs to be 'kept free for safe and convenient pedestrian movement'?

Originally the decision as to what you can have in front of your business was related to the size of the footpath. After consulting with Essex County Council, a new consideration was footfall through an area. Hence the issue of width may be different.

2. Is this policy being implemented across the entire borough or just the town centre?

Initially, it is primarily being rolled out in the town centre. However, the requirement to have a permit if you wish to have furniture outside applies anywhere that there is a public road. Eventually, this will be rolled out borough-wide.

3. Could the Council consider allowing for one adaption per application to allow for businesses who have spent £520 to have the ability to adapt an application quickly instead of having to spend another £520 to apply again?
During the application process, Officers work with the applicant to assess what they are asking for and to provide them with advice about what is acceptable under the policy, therefore any final application should not be submitted until the applicant is confident they have undertaken all required works to meet the criteria. Therefore, the £75 charge would apply to a minor alteration or transfer from the original application and the full application fee would only be payable again if a substantial change was requested that required a consultation.


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