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SOS Bus receives new generator with support from Titan Security and Our Colchester BID

Titans Security have kindly purchased and donated the Colchester SOS Bus with a brand-new generator to supply the Bus with power to help those in need.

The SOS Bus is highly valued within the communities that it serves. It is a volunteer run project, which is managed by Stacey Banner. All the volunteers that work on the bus are highly motivated, hardworking, and passionate about supporting vulnerable people in need of support. The SOS Bus provide Colchester with welfare services and a safe place to go if they are feeling vulnerable or in need of someone to talk to. It provides medical service and specialist care. It is there to make sure those enjoying their evenings are safe, and to reduce the pressure on the NHS and police services. In a six-month period, the bus prevented nearly 130 casualties needing to call out an ambulance or admitting to Accident and Emergency department. This resulted in a saving of over £40,000 to the NHS.

Vincent Geaves, OurColchester Business Crime Liaison Officer said.

“When Stacey informed me that the generator, they had been using had a fault and caught fire on one evening it meant that potentially the service wasn’t going to be operational. I couldn’t let this happen. So, I approached Kieryn from Titans Security. Knowing his passion for nighttime safety, (his team were one of the first security teams to train staff on ‘Ask for Angela’ and attend Vulnerability & Women’s Safety Training provided by the BID). I knew he might be able to help.  When I told him I was looking for donations to contribute to purchasing a new generator, he took the pressure off straight away. I was amazed a few phone calls and e mails later. Titans had researched and bought a new generator. A huge thanks to Kieryn and Titans for this huge contribution”.

Kieryn Lestrange, Operations Director Titans Security, said.

“The SOS Bus and team offer so much to the safety of those enjoying their social time in the evenings. As a security organisation, people’s safety is paramount. The SOS Bus play a huge part in this, it seemed fitting only to step in and help. Its our way of saying thank you to the service that they provide”.

Stacey Banner, Open Road SOS Bus, said.

“Such a kind and selfless gesture from Kieryn and Titans Security. As most people journey through several different economic struggles the voluntary sector has been hit hard. Volunteers and donations are always welcome. And to any would-be students looking to a career in the Emergency Services there is no better platform to gain experience. Giving one’s spare time in a voluntary capacity doesn’t just provide our services with much needed support, it is also great for your own mental well-being.

‘We are beyond grateful to Kieryn and Titans Security for the donation of a new generator, this has enabled the service to continue. As most people journey through several different economic struggles, the voluntary sector has been hit hard, so all donations are greatly appreciated. Anyone looking to support this amazing service can reach out to us anytime, whether that be donating some time and volunteer, a fundraising event or simply to pop some change in our pot, we welcome you with full hearts.


A huge thanks to Kieryn and Titans Security for their ongoing commitment to our service and the values they bring to keeping our city safe”.