Our Colchester


Our Colchester BID has launched a new tender for the Colchester Retail Vision. Click the image to access the PDF detailing the tender.


The BID wishes to work with an organisation to develop a research programme which engages with a broad range of retail businesses within Colchester town centre to understand the immediate and ongoing needs and priorities, the current landscape, and aspirations for the future surrounding the Colchester retail sector. The programme will also include engagement with key stakeholders including the BID Retail Forum, Colchester Borough Council, Essex County Council COLBAC and Essex Police to understand how this work links into or can evolve current processes, policies, and visions.

Full details about the tender can be found on the tender document which can be accessed by clicking the image after this text.

Please send all tenders to sam@ourcolchester.co.uk by Thursday 24th February 2022.