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This page is dedicated to the latest news on projects and campaigns from the Our Colchester Business Improvement District (BID).



Our Colchester Business Improvement District (BID) is asking residents for their views on an exciting new artist designed wayfinding artwork on the junction of Short Wyre St and Queen St/St Botolph’s St in the town centre.

An online survey will be open from Thursday 14th October 2021 until Thursday 28th October 2021. Residents will have the opportunity to see initial proposals for the piece, which forms part of a wider strategy by the BID and Colchester Borough Council to make improvements to the town centre and support local independent businesses, particularly in the wake.. READ MORE

Parklets installed on the high street


Parklets and Greenery Installed on the high street. 

A new installation of parklets has happened on Colchester high street this week in four locations. This new initiative has been led by Our Colchester Business Improvement District (BID) in collaboration with Colchester Borough Council and Essex County Council creating additional green space and public seating in the heart of the town centre.As a result of the pandemic, a need was seen for a greater variety of outdoor seating in the town centre. The installation of parklets aims to produce many positive benefits to the public and visitors in Colchester. Increased greenery and planting will feature within the parklets furthering the BIDs... READ MORE



Our Colchester BID reveals the design for the Colchester Gift Card

Our Colchester Business Improvement District (BID) are launching The Colchester Gift Card in collaboration with Town and City Gift Card in late summer this year as part of the town centre recovery plan. Recently the BID launched a tender for local creatives to submit designs for the gift card making sure that the design was strongly linked to the town centre. Local design firm Digital Reflow submitted the winning design which shows iconic town centre buildings including the Town Hall, Castle, Firstsite and the Jumbo in bright colours celebrating both the new and old heritage of the town... READ MORE

Colchester Town centre on the rise


Our Colchester BID appoints Leisure Advisor as part of the creation of the Covid-19 Leisure Recovery Strategy for Colchester Town Centre.

Nationally throughout the pandemic businesses have suffered billions of pounds in losses and uncertainties surrounding lockdowns have created extra hardship for business owners and their employees. However, Colchester town centre has proven resilient during this time. Despite some large name closures, since March 2020 Colchester town centre has seen a wide range of new businesses opening in the town centre. Including Victoria Yum Cake, Home Kitchen Eco, The Cake Box, Kintsu, Cuckoo Dough, Sir Isaacs Artisan Coffee and more. From the beginning of Our Colchester Business Improvement District's (BID) term the team have been monitoring and running a vacant unit survey throughout the BID zone. READ MORE



Our Colchester BID appoints Leisure Advisor as part of the creation of the Covid-19 Leisure Recovery Strategy for Colchester Town Centre.

The Leisure Recovery Strategy is a dynamic strategy to help support the leisure sectors recovery from the effects of the pandemic in Colchester. A Leisure Recovery Board, consisting of representatives from Food and Beverage, late night, and accommodation businesses in the town centre, has been brought together by Our Colchester BID to work collaboratively towards a recovery strategy for the sector. As part of this an independent advisor, Sylvia Oates from Six Till Six, has been appointed to help lead the development of the Recovery Strategy, conduct research, and guide the Leisure Recovery Board. READ MORE 



Our Colchester BID has launched the tender for Colchester creatives to submit their ideas for the new Colchester gift card.

The gift card is set to launch in early August this year and will be available to spend in participating businesses throughout the town centre. Working with the Town and City Gift Card from Miconex, it has been shown that local gift cards bring an extra 65% spend on top of the gifted amount and the current gift card market is worth £7 billion.The BID is looking to work with a local artist or organisation who will produce an iconic design with clear branding for the Colchester Gift Card. Colchester has a rich offering of heritage, arts and culture, and a wide variety of businesses in the town centre. The design for the card will need to represent the wide offering and recognisable town centre. READ MORE

Our Colchester BID awards the covid-19 recovery fund  

Our Colchester Business Improvement District (BID) opened the first Covid-19 Recovery Fund for applications in March 2021. The funding was adapted from the previously available Create Fund with the new aim of supporting events and projects which would help town centre recovery after the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The scheme received a large amount of interest from local businesses and charitable organisations. We are pleased to announce following a panel review, nine events and initiatives have received funding from the BIDs Covid-19 Recovery Fund. 

To read more CLICK HERE.

Our Colchester BID publishes the april 2021 quarterly newsletter  

The BID has just released the April 2021 quarterly newsletter for members, the newsletter includes projects the BID are running alongside a look back at Christmas and the Welcome Back Colchester campaign. 

You can read the latest newsletter by CLICKING HERE.

Our Colchester BID launches collaborative board to guide recovery of the hard-hit leisure sector.  

Our Colchester Business Improvement District (BID) is launching the Leisure Recovery Board, a group of 25 stakeholders, to produce a focused and dynamic recovery strategy for Colchester leisure businesses. 

The leisure sector across the UK has lost on average £90m a week. From severe restrictions and lack of funding pubs, eateries, cinemas, and theatres, all within the leisure sector, are estimated to be over a year behind in recovery from the effects of the pandemic. As other sectors within the town centre move into the recovery stage of the BIDs’ 4 stage Covid-19 Recovery Framework, the Leisure sector is still facing the crisis stage and likely has a long journey of recovery ahead... READ MORE

pavement policy - Our Colchester Q&A with Colchester Borough Council -

The BID spoke with Colchester Borough Council to highlight the pavement policy. CLICK HERE to read more about this.