Our Colchester

Introducing The Colchester Business Improvement District Travel Assistant

The Our Colchester Business Improvement District (BID) incorporating the cities’ consumer facing information and directory service, In Colchester, has partnered with ‘You. Smart. Thing.’ and destination management platform Destination Core to help promote high street revival and boost the local economy.

We are delighted to announce an exciting new initiative from Our Colchester BID that will help promote sustainable and active travel to local businesses. Visitors to BID businesses can now receive personalised door-to-door journey plans that encourage sustainable travel with increased usage of walking, cycling and public transport.

In addition to the new city directory travel assistant service, featured below and on https://incolchester.co.uk/directory, with filters for categories such as Eat & Drink, Accommodation, See & Do and an overview of nearby places, an exclusive ‘travel assistant’ has been created for each individual BID business!

Travel assistants are as easy to add to your website as embedding a YouTube video, enabling your customers to plan a safe, secure journey on their computer or smartphone with no app download required.

To select and embed an individual businesses travel assistant on your website:

  1. Click the ‘Share’ icon located at the bottom right of the selected travel assistant (featured below).
  2. Copy the embed code using the ‘Copy embed code’ button.
  3. Paste the embed code into the post or content section of your website where you want the travel assistant to appear.

To access all the individual businesses URLs and embed codes, click here:  https://yousmartthing.com/blog/our-colchester-bid-travel-assistant/

You can also access the main Colchester travel assistant directly here: https://travel.yousmartthing.com/incolchester-getting-here:

BID Manager Sam Good says "We're proud to be continuously developing our offering and support to our BID Businesses. This a fully functioning service developed specifically for the BIDs InColchester website. This is a feature that businesses can take advantage of too, to help customers easily find their way to the premises.

Not only this, but the new travel assistant prioritises suggesting journeys which are less carbon intensive and more sustainable, reducing congestion and promoting local travel within the city centre. Making it a more enjoyable place for all to visit."

‘You. Smart. Thing.’ powers Colchester BID’s bespoke travel Assistant service, and, through us, it is also FREE for businesses of all types to use.

For further information on embedding the travel assistant service, please visit https://yousmartthing.atlassian.net/servicedesk/customer/portal/2/topic/8ffebdda-2e23-45c6-800c-195ec9d95321/article/431915026