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News and updates from the BID to raise awareness of what is going on and the work 'Our Colchester' are doing around the town.

From the 21st January, St Mary's and Priory Street car parks will be £2 after 2pm (Monday to Friday). This offer will only be available on the MiPermit parking app or by texting 'PARK' and your vehicle registration to 60300.
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Our #mocktailsoftheweek campaign in support of Dry January has now finished. The campaign had a positive influence on consumers and a great reaction from businesses who took part. We will keep using this campaign template so if you would like your business to be involved in any future campaigns, please contact us at hello@ourcolchester.co.uk. 

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The BID focus groups have been exploring options for year 1 and are in the process of creating several proposals. Click the link for more details.
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As most of you may know, Colchester Borough Council has recently launched their 'Pavement Policy' to support the provision of street cafe furniture in the town centre. To simplify this, we have provided a step-by-step process to help you with the application, along with some Q&A's with Colchester Borough Council. This permit is for public highways only and is not needed for private land (such as Culver Square or Lion Walk).
Step 1  - read the guidelines for placing tables and chairs on the public highway
Step 2 - complete the application form and return it to Colchester Borough Council
Step 3 - include a to scale plan with your application, clearly showing the exact area the barriers, tables and chairs will be and the dimensions of all furniture
Step 4 -
pay the correct fee

For more information on Colchester Borough Council Pavement Policy page
click here.
Read our Q&A's here
Colchester Borough Council have recently launched their new 'Gum Drop' bins, aiming to reduce chewing gum litter and improve the appearance of our streets. These bins have been placed evenly across the town centre. Gum Drop holders are also available and can be completely recycled. These can be collected from a range of locations arcoss the town and our Street Ambassadors also carry them. They are happy to share these with your business and staff!
If your business has any Valentines Day treats or offers coming up this February, please get in touch as we would love to share them across our social media platforms!
We have now launched our Friend of the BID scheme! If you know anyone who would like to become involved in the BID, please get in touch at hello@ourcolchester.co.uk.
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