Our Colchester

General updates and town centre offers for you and your staff:

HSBC are offering free 'making the most of your money' webinars for town centre employees. 

These sessions will include:

• Understanding credit reports
• Budget planning
• Savings
• Protection
• Debt management
• Fraud

There will be two free sessions for you to choose from attending.

CLICK HERE to register for the webinar on June 2nd at 11:00

CLICK HERE to register for the webinar on June 3rd at 17:30

As a worker in the town centre we want to ensure you are up to date with all the latest information from across the town. This will included exclusive offers we think you should know about!

  1. Employees Travel Club
  2. NCP "Saver Deal"

1. Employees Travel Club

If you use an Arriva bus to travel to and from work, you can now get great value ticket discount! All tickets can also be used and purchased through the Arriva app, meaning ticketless travel!

Click here for more information


2. NCP promotion for BID businesses

Our Colchester BID has been working with NCP Car Parks to provided this amazing exclusive parking "Saver Deal" for BID businesses/town centre workers to use in any NCP car parks in the town centre. To have access to this discount code, employers need to contact NCP (dominic.pisarek@ncp.co.uk) and inform them how many codes you will require for your staff.

  • Download the ParkPass App and register prior to parking
  • Input activation code provided by dominic.pisarek@ncp.co.uk
  • Then pay for your parking using the app

The app is easy to use and register, designed to save you time! CLICK HERE to read the full information about this offer!


How long does this discount last?
Your activation code will last for the length of the scheme. At this moment, we do not have an end date so you can use it as many times as you want.
How do I get the discount?
Your business will need to email  Dominic.Pisarek@ncp.co.uk, referencing Our Colchester BID discount as the email title and inform him how many codes you require for your staff. NCP will then distribute the codes to your business.
What car parks can I use this in?
Nunns Rd, CO1 1EJ (next to Fenwick)
How do I set this up?
Reference the NCP ParkPass poster for a 'how-to' for setting up your discount.