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Our Colchester BID Winter of Safety Campaign

Our Colchester BID have teamed up with the Colchester SOS Bus to continue the Winter of Safety campaign that started on Halloween Weekend. 

The SOS Bus team will continue to hand out information regarding being safe and feeling safe while socialising. Along with baubles that contain drink covers and a bottle topper known as a 'spikey' alongside Ask for Angela information. A secret Colchester Gift Card  has been hidden inside one bauble that can be claimed by sending a selfie picture of the lucky winner outside the SOS Bus to hello@ourcolchester.co.uk 

Our Colchester BID will continue its campaign on 'Safer Socialising'.

Vincent Geaves, Our Colchester BID , Business Crime Liaison Officer said

"Christmas is the time of year to enjoy ourselves and embrace friends and family. It's a time to relax, but not to relax our safety. Be X.M.A.S Vigilant

Be Extra Vigilant, Make plans to get home safely, and stay connected, if you feel uncomfortable or vulnerable speak to SOS Bus Team or venue staff by 'Asking for Angela' and be Spike aware. It is well known that incidents related to domestic violence and violence against women and girls increase over the festive season. I would like everyone to come and experience Colchester. Sometimes the evening can turn sour, but the venues in Colchester have worked hard with training and accreditations to support their visitors. If you or a friend return home and believe that you may have seen or heard something suspicious or even been subjected to a crime or unsure what has happened. Please seek help and contact the NHS or Essex Police. Be extra careful with your phone sharing especially with the new Name Drop facility.  

I wish everyone a very safe and Merry Christmas". 

It’s been a year of safety messaging; Summer of Safety saw the first booklet D.R.E which was produced to talk about Drug Related Exposure. Then the Winter campaign took a Halloween theme with G.H.O.S.T. Go out, Have fun, Order sensibly, Stay Safe, Take care of yourself and others.

Stacey Banner from Openroad SOS Bus said 

“We are extremely proud of our spiking kits that have been put together in collaboration with Our Colchester and thanks to some High Sheriff funding last year. We take the safety of our guests in our city very seriously and strive to ensure everyone gets home safe and without incident. The SOS Bus has for many years supported people that have become vulnerable, and we have no intentions in stopping that high standard of care. Our Drug Related Exposure campaign has varied, like the seasons through 2023, but been extremely successful in educating our visitors of potential dangers that any night time economy faces. Our new fun baubles are available from any of the SOS crew, so please use this opportunity to come and meet the team”.

For more information on the work Our Colchester BID is doing to help promote a safer city centre CLICK HERE.